Spot The Queen


Spot The Queen

If you look closely at this photograph you will discover the queen bee sitting amongst other worker bees on this box . They were rescued from a shrub at the start of winter , would you believe. Within a few minutes the queen and the workers had moved within the box. All being well they will survive during this winter in preparation for a busy Spring.


When Hot Weather Arrives

Honeybees need a regular source of water but more so in the hot months of the year. Needed to cool down the hive, the water is distributed throughout the hive via their own version of an air-conditioning system. If you see bees around water in your garden, whether it is near a swimming pool or at the base of wet flowerpots,think before you panic and get out the aerosol. When cooler weather arrives or if there is plenty of rain, the problem (if you can call it that) will disappear.