What Happens In A Hive Over Three Months

Have a look-see at the work and organisation of a swarm of bees creating a home (or hive) in a Top Bar Hive. This is speeded up and shows remarkable progress.


Australian Stingless Honeybees

This video shows Australian Native Stingless Bees. Usually found above the 26th parallel,they are much smaller than the European Honeybee but do much the same kind of job out in the bush. They build a nest inside trees using wax and store excess food as honey. This video should set your toes tapping.

Starting a New Hive with a Mailed Package


Where do beekeepers get their bees from ? Well, some will have a system whereby they farm and split their existing hives, details of which we can discuss at a later date. A lot of beekeepers though, have no option but to ship in swarms of bees from other states or countries to replenish bees that have been lost over a long cold winter where many hives have perished. Added to this , of course, is the ever present threat of bee diseases.

Packaged bees can come from Western Australia and quite often these are sent to Canada and Northern USA. These bees can be housed quite simply with a well prepared hive and in no time at all they will be building up their numbers for a busy spring and summer. This video gives an idea of what’s involved.